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Softick RAM Drive - Add virtual expansion cards to your handheld!

Softick RAM Drive

Softick RAM Drive is the most compatible, fast and reliable solution which allows to use free handheld internal memory for keeping one or more virtual expansion cards (volumes).

Volumes can be easily managed, replaced or backed up to desktop PC. All volumes have Palm OS and PC-compatible filesystem, therefore virtual volumes are useful for storing and cataloging multimedia content, documents or books.

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Current product version 1.06


Download Softick RAM Drive
[English / Palm OS Installer / 128Kb]

Download Softick RAM Drive
[English / Windows based installation / 480Kb]

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  What our customer says:  

Dude, your stuff is the bomb! I was amazed at the quality of Softick RAM Drive.

--- T Ward

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Softick RAM Drive Features


  • 100% compatibility with SD/MMC/CF/MS expansion cards slot interface;
  • High performance, Palm OS 4.0 and 5.x optimization;
  • Unlimited total number of volumes;
  • Unlimited number of simultaneously mounted (active) volumes;
  • Real-Time volumes management. Instant add, remove, mount and unmount procedures for any volume in list;
  • Smart internal memory allocation and minimum overhead: internal memory allocated only for utilized volume sectors;
  • Smart backup procedure. Volumes can be incrementally backed up to desktop PC during HotSync procedure;
  • Persistent volumes. Any volume can be mounted automatically after soft reset. All mounted volumes exist permanently even during HotSync procedure;
  • Easy installation and upgrade procedure.


Softick RAM Drive Benefits


  • You can create set of volumes with well-ordered contents. Working documents or family albums can be stored in several volumes. Depending on your momentary needs, you are able to backup whole volumes to your PC or restore any required volume.
  • It's very useful to work with volume contents from either your favorite Palm OS applications or directly from desktop PC. Now you can easily arrange your work and move between handheld and desktop. 1
  • Are you software developer or Q&A specialist? This product will help you to test your own Palm OS products, make them compatible with various expansion card formats, sizes and slots configurations. Futhermore, you can estimate performance limitations of your product.

1 Feature available for Softick Card Export II users only.