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Software for Windows Mobile and Windows Smartphones

  Softick Mobile Solitaire Games Collection  
Softick Mobile Solitaire Games Collection

Softick Mobile Solitaire Games Collection allows you to became an owner of 800 card games at once!

Here we have all the games people like most of all, such as Spider, FreeCell, Klondike, Pyramid, Yukon, Forty Thieves and so on.

But not only - we've got for you several new solitaires that you've never met.

Tired of work? Relax and play with Softick Mobile Solitaires! Be sure you will never get tired of this collection.

  Softick Card Export for Windows Mobile  
Softick Card Export for Windows Mobile

Softick Card Export for Windows Mobile is a tiny application which allows you to use Windows Mobile device as a convenient USB card reader.

Now, when all you need is an access to the storage card on your handheld, you can forget about annoying synchronization delays!

From now on you won't realize at work that you have left a card in home card reader! Now any application can save files directly to the card inserted into device, because Card Export for Windows Mobile provides fully compatible USB Mass Storage media for the operating system, it can be accessed as removable drive.