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Softick Commander: Manage Files Wirelessly

Softick Commander

The Next-Generation File Manager for Palm OS

Softick Commander is the first Palm OS file manager which supports Bluetooth file browse and transfer capability and therefore extends wireless connectivity of Palm devices.

Now you can easily browse any trusted Bluetooth-enabled device for the files and folders, move, copy and delete them wirelessly.

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Current product version 1.03


Download Softick Commander
[English / Palm OS Installer / 235Kb]

Download Softick Commander
[English / Softick Commander 1.03 English, Palm OS / 140Kb]

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  What our customer says:  

Softick Commander is great. I don't know what else to say. Friendly and courteous people are always a pleasure doing business with.

--- --Brian Gray

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Softick Commander Features


  • Wireless file management over Bluetooth FTP connection
  • Handheld file management for SD/MMC expansion cards and internal memory storage
  • Tabbed file browser with Drag'n'Drop and clipboard cut/copy/paste file operations
  • Modern High resolution graphical user interface with complete One-Hand navigation support
  • Easy file browsing, selection and tagging (keyboard navigation and in-place search)
  • Recursive and group file operations for the selected folders and files
  • Optimized file processing, the best performance comparing to the other Palm OS file managers (*)

(*) according to the company internal tests performed at October 2005.


Softick Commander Benefits


  • Well-built and thought-out file management solution is undoubtedly essential for Palm users
  • Supports Bluetooth File Transfer Profile which allows to communicate and directly exchange files with the most of Bluetooth-enabled PDA, mobile phones and desktop platforms (**)
  • Provides simple and powerful wireless file access comparing to the built-in Send/Send-To methods
  • Exciting look-and-feel along with the well-known Drag'n'Drop and clipboard techniques turn tedious file organizing tasks into pleasing process
  • Tabbed browsing approach simplifies file management, allows instant switching between folders and files transfer between opened tabs as easy as 1-2-3!
  • Low storage memory consumption, simple installation and usage make this application a "must have" for any Palm powered device user

(**) Bluetooth FTP service must be installed and enabled on the remote device. Capability support depends on the target remote platform. Implemented in the Softick Blue Files product for Palm OS devices, Profile support is built-in to the Microsoft Windows and Pocket PC with Widcomm Bluetooth drivers and Mac OS X.


System Requirements


  • Palm OS 4.x or higher handheld
  • Built-in Bluetooth support required for Bluetooth file transfer feature
  • Best results with high resolution device 320x320 or 320x480 screen, 65536 colors
  • 500K of Storage Memory