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Softick Cache - Yet another way to increase Palm OS device performance

Softick Cache - Yet another way to increase Palm OS device performance

Want to speed up your Palm? We have a solution for you.

Softick Cache is an adaptive "disk" cache for flash cards used in Palm OS PDA and smartphones. It speeds up card access by using faster dynamic memory instead of slower SD/MMC card and SD host controller.


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Current product version 1.00


Download Softick Cache
[English / Zip Archive / 50Kb]

Download Softick Cache
[English / Palm OS Installer / 150Kb]

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  What our customer says:  

Estoy feliz de la velocidad que puede alcanzar mi LifeDrive, había perdido toda esperanza y me había resignado a que era lenta. Softick cache me ha dejado impresionado.

--- Jorge Martínez

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Why Softick Cache?

All the desktop operating systems have a built-in cache for disk operations. This is a very important part of an operating system, because non-cached disk input/output operations sensitively slows down an overall performance. That's why Softick decided to bring this missing essential component to the Palm OS world.


How does it work?

You probably know that all modern Palm devices can access expansion cards, or have built-in flash disks. In most cases, built-in flash disks are also used by the Palm operating system to store and access programs and databases which were formerly stored in dynamic memory. This solution brings more safety and leads to less power consumption, but also it is slower. Many Palm users have noticed that the response time of the most applications on the newer models is increased, and this effect appeared exactly because of slower storage memory access.

At the same time, the availability of high-capacity SD cards made them more popular due to keeping personal data, applications, games, music and video. It is clear that increased card data transfers made the lack of transfer speeds more evident.

After the number of investigations, Softick team developed an intelligent solution which utilizes faster dynamic memory in order to store most frequently used data, accessed by the system and applications. As our investigations have shown, there are many duplicated and non-aligned requests to the Palm flash memory and expansion cards, so it was definitely reasonable to implement required read and write optimizations.

Our first tests executed on the preliminary versions proved the right approach and effectiveness of such solution. Now you can download Softick Cache yourself and estimate performance growth by analyzing cache statistics.

Some results are shown on these: